Welcome to Nyay Murti Raja C.S.P. Singh Degree College

Nyaymurti Raja C. S. P. Singh degree College

Message from The Manager :    
“We are shaped by our thoughts  
We become what  we think  
When  our thoughts are pure, joy follows us  
Like a shadow that never leaves us.”  
We at  Nyaymurti Raja C. S. P. Singh Degree College firmly  believe in the innate goodness of our students. Every Student is endowed with a burning flame within himself, a flame that burns ever brighter when fuelled with truth, beauty and goodness, with inspiration and industry, with knowledge and purity. It is our sacred duty as educator to assist in enhancing the brightness of the flame so that it illuminates all  the world around it. Having striven towards our goal, we would have fulfilled in some measure our responsibility towards the children under our care.

Raja Vikram Singh